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Trucking Accidents

It is important to get an attorney when you are struck by an 18-wheeler or semi truck. These vehicles can cause extreme damage to your person and property and big companies have all the tools to trick you into a quick settlement even if you have severe injuries. We have handled hundreds of trucking cases and cases involving an accident with a tractor trailer have the experience to get you full compensation.

Following a trucking accident or an accident with an 18-wheeler in New Orleans, Metairie, or anywhere in Louisiana, you have a lot of things to worry about.  After a semi truck accident, your vehicle may have property damage or even be totaled, which prevents you from getting around, getting to work, or driving your children where they need to go. When you are involved in an accident with a big rig or an 18-wheeler, the property damage to your car can be substantial.  You may need help securing transportation after a accident while your vehicle is being repaired.  You may want consultation or an opinion regarding whether the amount the insurance offers you following an accident for your car repair damage is fair, especially if your car was totaled in an accident with an 18-wheeler.  You may need help getting the car accident police report.  You may be injured in a trucking accident and need medical treatment and are worried about how the medical bills get paid.  18-wheelers can weigh thousands and thousands of pounds and if you are involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, you may have serious injuries to yourself or to passengers.  We can help you to get medical attention with well-respected and competent physicians to assess the nature and extent of your injures after a trucking accident with an 18-wheeler.

We are available to give you a free consultation on any semi truck accident claim by phone or in person - that is at no charge to you.  We help you with your property damage for free and if we don't recover you any money in your case, we take no fee at all.  Put simply, we handle everything following your car accident so that you can focus on getting better and not stress about dealing with the insurance company.  After over sixty years in business and with a combined total of over 100 years of experience, we have seen it all and can help you with any issues that may come up.

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In this blog, we discuss mistakes we see the most often after a trucking accident or 18-wheeler accident that may affect your claim or recovery and how to avoid them.

In this blog, we discuss how we can help you following a trucking accident or 18-wheeler accident in New Orleans, Metairie, and beyond.

In this blog, we discuss mistakes attorneys often make in handling your  trucking accident or 18-wheeler accident claim against an insurance company and your rights if that happens.

In this blog, we discuss how Louisiana law comes up with a value of a case or claim after a  trucking accident or 18-wheeler accident.

In this blog, we discuss how being involved in a  trucking accident or 18-wheeler accident with a drunk or impaired driver can affect your case and the punitive damages available under the law if you are the victim of a drunk or impaired driver who causes a car accident in Louisiana.  This is especially applicable where the accident involves a 18-wheeler or trucking accident.

In this blog, we discuss how having a preexisting condition, such as a back injury or neck injury, affects your injury claim following a  trucking accident or 18-wheeler accident.

In this blog, we discuss your rights after a trucking accident or 18-wheeler accident  if you provide documentation to an insurance company of your vehicle property damage after the  trucking accident or 18-wheeler accident  and the insurance company does not pay.

In this blog, we discuss how we handle your vehicle property damage after a  trucking accident or 18-wheeler accident at no charge to you in the claims process.

In this blog, we discuss how to get a traffic police report from New Orleans Police Department or Jefferson Parish Police Department or other police departments following a  trucking accident or 18-wheeler accident .

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