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  • Car Accidents

    In one year, there were 5,521 reported car accidents in New Orleans alone. We have handled thousands of car accident cases throughout Louisiana and are skilled in getting you the quickest resolution possible if you have been involved in one.


    It is important to get an attorney when you are struck by an 18-wheeler or truck. These vehicles can cause extreme damage to your person and property and big companies have all the tools to trick you into a quick settlement even if you have severe injuries. We have handled hundreds of trucking cases and have the experience to get you full compensation.

  • Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle accidents can involve high speed crashes leaving the motorcyclist susceptible to catastrophic injuries. These cases involve hiring accident reconstruction experts, complicated liability determinations, and complicated medical issues.

  • Wrongful Death

    While there is no true compensation following the loss of a loved one, certain family members may be able to file a legal action for monetary compensation for their loss caused by someone else's negligence. When someone dies in an accident, in an attack, or in prison, for example, the investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding their death by the police or the coroner can take much longer, and we have found that families are often kept in the dark during this investigation, compounding their grief. In these cases, we are able to perform an investigation and to preserve evidence immediately to preserve your claim, while you focus on the grieving process.

  • Premises Liability

    Louisiana law holds the owner of a property responsible for the property, meaning that they are responsible for making it safe. If you are injures because part of that property is defective or a condition of the property is dangerous, you can make a claim against the owner of the property and their insurance company. This can happen in a number of ways. We have handled cases where a balcony collapsed at a home, a defective floor caved in, a balcony fell down at a hotel, a ceiling fell down, property negligence caused a fire that burned down neighboring homes, and more. These cases often involve retaining expert engineers, appraisers, and other construction experts.

  • Personal Injury

    Any time you are injured in any way due to the fault or negligence of another, you are set back, maybe with medical bills or time that you lost from work, or activities that you have missed and pain that you have endured. We are here to help.

  • Animal Bites

    Whether you have been attacked or bitten by a domestic animal or an exotic animal, you may be facing medical bills for a minor injury or suffering extreme loss. Most of these injuries are covered under the owner's insurance and we have helped many of our clients get compensation after an animal bite

  • Boating Accidents

    Louisiana has 327,000 registered boats and in 2018, there were over 4,000 reported boating accidents with $46 million of property damage to boats. These accidents often entail intoxicated drivers and sometimes wrongful death.

  • Slip and Fall

    Slip and fall accidents or trip and fall accidents can be tragic and cause very serious injuries. If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident, you may be able to recover damages for your injuries, including economic damages such as medical bills and missing wages, and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. However, these cases are very difficult to prove, and so it is important to retain an attorney with experience. We have handled slip and fall and trip and fall cases against the biggest companies in the World.

  • Medical Malpractice

    A medical professional's negligence can often times lead to devastating consequences. Louisiana has very strong laws that protect these medical professionals against claims and it takes an experienced attorney to navigate them. We have partnered with the most successful medical malpractice attorneys in the city to prosecute these claims.


    A traumatic brain injury can result from a blow or jolt to a head, and can occur after an accident. These injuries can be mild, such as a mild concussion, or debilitating injuries that change your way of life. We understand how sensitive these cases are and have experience getting you the care and treatment as well as full compensation if you have suffered a brain injury in an accident.

  • Bad Faith Against Insurance Companies

    A lot of attorneys talk about bad faith, but most don't understand it. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle these complicated cases and have lectured on them to other attorneys. Our most recent bad faith case was resolved with $300,000 of penalties against the insurance company.

  • Uber and Lyft Accidents

    It is undeniable that rideshare has exploded, which has put both Uber and Lyft drivers as well as Uber or Lyft passengers at risk. These cases involve multiple insurance policies and sometimes insurance denials. We have handled dozens of these cases, for drivers and passengers, as well as for those who have been struck by an Uber or Lyft.

  • Sexual Harassment and Assault

    With the birth of the "Me Too" movement, these cases are becoming more prevalent, but sexual harassment and assault, in and out of the workplace, has been prevalent since the beginning of time. We have handled these cases against major companies and individuals.

  • Burn Injuries

    Severe burn cases often involve days or months in the hospital and severe and painful recovery. Oftentimes, identifying the specific cause of the fire or reason for your injuries is the most important part of your case. We have fire experts and safety investigators that we have used to make sure your case is preserved while you recover from your injuries.

  • Mesothelioma and Asbestos

    If you have been exposed to asbestos and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, which is an aggressive form of cancer, you may be entitled to compensation. It is important to get you in experienced hands when time is of the essence.

  • Bicycle Accidents

    While bicycle riding is on the rise, so are bicycle injuries and death. Even if you are wearing a helmet and following all of the cyclists rules, someone else's negligence can cause you serious injury or death. Shockingly, 20 cyclists were killed in Louisiana in 2018 alone.

  • Maritime and Offshore Accidents

    The maritime industry is essential to the strength and growth of the Gulf Coast. There are a number of acts in existence to protect our offshore workers in the event of maritime injuries or accidents. We have partnered with the most successful maritime attorneys in the city to prosecute these claims and make sure our clients are taken care of.

  • Bed Bug

    Bed bug cases are no joke and we know that. Sometimes a bed bug bite is just a bite, while others can lead to infestations, infections, and severe psychological trauma. Our most recent case settled for $75,000.

  • Hit and Run Accidents

    It is predicted that Louisiana will have over 17,000 hit and run accidents in 2020, and they are very prevalent in New Orleans. It is important to engage an attorney early on in these cases to collect evidence, such as videos, witness statements or photographs, to help you identify the vehicle who left the scene of an accident.

  • Other

    Finding the right lawyer is more important than just getting a lawyer. There are many legal issues and areas of the law that we may not directly handle, but we have developed a network of attorneys who can help you with any issue you are facing who we know are competent and we know you can trust.


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