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Premises Liability

Louisiana law holds the owner of a property responsible for the property, meaning that they are responsible for making it safe. If you are injures because part of that property is defective or a condition of the property is dangerous, you can make a claim against the owner of the property and their insurance company. This can happen in a number of ways. We have handled cases where a balcony collapsed at a home, a defective floor caved in, a balcony fell down at a hotel, a ceiling fell down, property negligence caused a fire that burned down neighboring homes, and more. These cases often involve retaining expert engineers, appraisers, and other construction experts.

We have experience handling all kinds of premises liability cases, including:

  • where our clients were paralyzed when they dove into shallow water where there was not a warning sign advising of same.
  • where our client was working on a balcony at a home in New Orleans that collapsed, causing him to fall onto the cement below
  • where our client tripped over a parking bumper due to a poorly designed and lit parking lot
  • where our client was injured walking on cement steps that gave way at a commercial property causing her 
  • where our client fell down stairs due to the hand rails not being built to code
  • where our client fell down stairs due to the stairs not being built to code
  • where our client was working as a janitor and was injured when she was pushing a garbage cart due to poor lighting on the premises
  • where our client tripped and fell when a parking bumper became dislodged due to poor maintenance on a parking lot
  • where our client fell and had to have surgery on her wrists due to an uneven parking lot
  • where our client was a guest at a hotel when the balcony collapsed, causing him to have a back surgery
  • where our client was seriously injured in a fire at an apartment complex due to poor electrical maintenance and because there was not sufficiently safe fire escape routes
  • where our client was shot due to the unsafe security of a commercial establishment
  • where our client was injured when the floor of his apartment complex caved in
  • where our client tripped and fell in a bar in New Orleans due to poor lighting and design

This is just an example of how premises liability cases can come up and how we have been able to help our clients get compensated for injuries sustained when a homeowner, business owner, or landowner does not keep their property safe and free of hazards.

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In this blog, we discuss how we can assist if you have been injured because of a fall due to a balcony collapse cases or balcony defect as well as the general law of Louisiana applicable to premises liability.  

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