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☆☆☆☆☆ A Wonderful Listener

"Megan Kiefer, as my Attorney in my case against one of the most powerful company in the US made this experience the least traumatic as possible.

The case: A Slip and Fall that caused me a painful broken nose, and many painful sleepless nights...

Megan Kiefer, from the first to the last visit has been a wonderful listener, she has been very clear in her explanations, and well spoken, her personality made communication very easy.

Megan Kiefer, quickly drawn the most important facts that she received from me, and from the opposition to build the case. But most of all to win the case.

Megan Kiefer is very persuasive and very kind. I always felt good and convinced that she will win the case in my favor, and she did it!

Thank you Megan,

My first language being French you made it easy for me, and always gave me enough time to express myself . Thank you for your patience.

Merci beaucoup, MCK"

– Marie K.


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