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  • $253,000

    CAR ACCIDENT CAUSED NECK INJURY: 2021 RESULT Our client sustained an aggravation to a preexisting injury in an accident in Gretna when she was struck by an ambulance driver. The company argued that the accident did not cause her injury because it was a minor accident. Read On

  • $162,500

    CAR ACCIDENT CAUSED BACK INJURY: 2020 RESULT Our client sustained a lumbar facet injury in an accident in New Orleans and underwent a lumbar radiofrequency ablation to treat his pain. The insurance company argued that the accident did not cause his injury and hired medical experts to opine that it was preexisting. Read On


    CONFIDENTIAL Our client was injured in a minor car accident in downtown New Orleans. For years, the insurance company questioned his neck and back injuries, even sending a letter advising about how minor the accident was and retaining experts to challenge whether the speed of the accident could have been sufficient enough to cause him injury. Read On

  • $125,000

    SALON NEGLIGENCE CAUSED HAIR LOSS: 2020 RESULT Our client went to a hair salon in New Orleans to get hair highlights for the first time. Following the procedure, she suffered hair loss on the back of her head and was recommended to undergo a hair transplant procedure. Read On

  • $320,000

    PHYSICAL ATTACK CAUSES NECK INJURY: 2020 RESULT Our client was physically attacked at work and suffered a cervical facet injury, necessitating a radiofrequency ablation. She also sustained emotional injuries. Read On

  • $515,000

    NECK SURGERY CAUSED BY CONSTRUCTION ZONE NEGLIGENCE: 2020 RESULT Our client was visiting New Orleans when he was injured after he fell into an unsecured construction site in the French Quarter. The fall caused a fractured vertebrae in his neck, for which he underwent a neck surgery. Defendants blamed his fall on intoxication. Read On

  • $145,000

    SALON NEGLIGENCE CAUSED CHEMICAL BURN: 2020 RESULT Our client received a hair highlighting treatment at a salon, which was negligently performed by the stylist.  This resulted in a chemical burn and hair loss, causing her to undergo a hair transplant procedure.  Read On

  • $150,000

    TRIP AND FALL ON FRENCHMEN STREET: 2020 RESULT Our client tripped and fell during Essence Fest while on Frenchmen Street due to a hazardous ground condition and excessive crowds.  She suffered a radial head fracture and had a recommendation for a ulnar release surgery.  Read On

  • $335,000

    T- BONE CAR ACCIDENT RESULTING IN ROTATOR CUFF TEAR AND BACK INJURY: 2020 RESULT Our client was operating his truck in New Orleans when he was t-boned.  Although he had prior accidents with injuries, the car accident caused an aggravation to his preexisting back condition as well as a new should... Read On

  • $206,000

    DRUNK DRIVER ACCIDENT: 2020 RESULT. Our clients were driving home from dinner when they were hit by a drunk driver. Thankfully, they were able to recover quickly from their injuries. Initially, there were told that the driver carried only a $15,000 insurance policy. After investigation, we found an additional policy issued to her mother. After the insurance company tried to deny coverage under that policy, we successfully established that they were incorrect and our clients were able to recover every penny of insurance money available to them. Read On

  • $426,000

    THREE CAR ACCIDENT CAUSING BACK SURGERY: 2020 RESULT Our client was involved in a three vehicle accident.  The middle car was a commercial vehicle and there was a dispute as to whether it rear ended our client or was pushed into his vehicle after being rear ended by another driver.  The accident... Read On

  • $5 MILLION

    PARALYSIS DUE TO SERIOUS NECK INJURIES FROM DIVING IN SHALLOW WATER Our client jumped into shallow water and suffered neck injuries rendering him paralyzed. There were no warning or caution signs advising of the depth of the water. Read On

  • $195,000

    RIDESHARE ACCIDENT CAUSING SHOULDER SURGERY: 2020 RESULT Our client was a Rideshare driver who was sideswiped by a hit and run driver, who was later identified.  She sustained a labral tear in her shoulder due to the impact while she held the steering wheel, which resulted in a shoulder surgery. The driv... Read On

  • $1 MILLION

    BACK INJURY DUE TO TWO STORY FALL: 2020 RESULT Our client fell two stories to the ground from a commercial property when its balcony failed, causing him severe spinal injuries and disability from his job. This matter was heavily litigated before we secured a result for the full insurance available. Read On

  • $450,000

    BALCONY DEFECT CAUSING BACK SURGERY: 2020 RESULT Our client was a guest at a hotel in Bossier City when the balcony on the second story gave out, causing him to fall to the ground and sustain a lumbar disc herniation. He underwent a microdiscectomy, and due to that back surgery, was able to get back to work following the injury. Following his surgery and clearance from his doctor, we were able to resolve his case at mediation without him having to even attend a deposition. Read On

  • $75,000

    BED BUG EXPOSURE: 2020 RESULT Our clients contracted bed bugs from a company who brought them into their home. Read On

  • $1.9 MILLION



    Sexual harassment settlement for college student working at start up who was sexually harassed by the company owner. Read On

  • $252,000

    CAR ACCIDENT WITH CERVICAL DISC HERNIATION AND SHOULDER SURGERY: 2020 RESULT Our client has hit by a delivery driver in New Orleans when he disregarded a stop sign.  The impact caused a labral tear in her shoulder and a cervical disc herniation.  She underwent a radiofrequency ablation procedure in ... Read On

  • $425,000

    REAR-END CAR ACCIDENT WITH NECK AND BACK INJURY AND PAIN INTERVENTIONAL PROCEDURES Our client was stopped at a red light when she was rear ended by a school bus in New Orleans East. Although she had injured her neck and back in a prior accident, she had completely recovered from those injuries before she was hit by the school bus. The accident caused an aggravation of her prior condition and caused her to have to undergo radiofrequency ablations and other pain management procedures. The insurance company settled on the even of trial for almost double what they had offered at mediation. Read On

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