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Burn Injuries

Severe burn cases often involve days or months in the hospital and severe and painful recovery. Oftentimes, identifying the specific cause of the fire or reason for your injuries is the most important part of your case. We have fire experts and safety investigators that we have used to make sure your case is preserved while you recover from your injuries.

If you have suffered burns due to the negligence or fault of another, you can fill out the form below for us to contact you to discuss your case:

Recent Case Results

  • CAR ACCIDENT CAUSED BACK INJURY: 2020 RESULT Our client sustained a lumbar facet injury in an accident in New Orleans and underwent a lumbar radiofrequency ablation to treat his pain. The insurance company argued that the accident did not cause his injury and hired medical experts to opine that it was preexisting. Read On

  • CONFIDENTIAL Our client was injured in a minor car accident in downtown New Orleans. For years, the insurance company questioned his neck and back injuries, even sending a letter advising about how minor the accident was and retaining experts to challenge whether the speed of the accident could have been sufficient enough to cause him injury. Read On

  • SALON NEGLIGENCE CAUSED HAIR LOSS: 2020 RESULT Our client went to a hair salon in New Orleans to get hair highlights for the first time. Following the procedure, she suffered hair loss on the back of her head and was recommended to undergo a hair transplant procedure. Read On


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