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Bad Faith Claims Against Insurance Companies

A lot of attorneys talk about bad faith, but most don't understand it. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle these complicated cases and have lectured on them to other attorneys. Our most recent bad faith case was resolved with $300,000 of penalties against the insurance company.

Bad faith claims frequently arise when an insurance company is not doing the thing that they are paid to do.  That is, you pay insurance each and every year to protect you from being exposed to a personal judgment or to compensate you when you suffer a loss.  So, you don't want an insurance company to expose you to personal liability or to fight you about getting compensation when you need it so that they can save their money.  This happens all too frequently.  You can also make a bad faith claim in certain circumstances against another person's insurance company.  Here are some examples of cases we have handled that deal with bad faith issues:

  • An insurance company refuses to pay a business at all for losses claimed based on an exclusion in the policy that is ambiguous
  • Your car insurance company refuses to pay you uninsured motorist benefits after a hit and run
  • Your car insurance company fails to timely pay your medical expenses following an accident
  • Another person's insurance company fails to timely pay your for property damage caused by an accident
  • Your life insurance company refuses to pay your benefit following the death of a loved one, citing incorrect information in the policy application
  • Your insurance company refusing to pay your damages for a flooded car
  • Your insurance company refusing to pay your damages for a totaled or stolen car
  • Your insurance company not fairly compensating you following a fire
  • Your insurance company refusing to pay someone you injured a fair amount, exposing you to a personal judgment
  • Your insurance company interpreting its policy in a way that limits your loss and is against the law

These are just a few examples in this very complicated area of the law. If you feel like you are not getting treated fairly by an insurance company, fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you to give you a free consultation on your claim.

In this blog, we discuss how insurance companies can be in bad faith if they do not timely pay you for your flooded car.

In this blog, we discuss insurance companies' duties in Louisiana to pay for your property damage following an accident and what your rights are if an insurance company does not fix your vehicle following an accident.

Recent Case Results

  • CAR ACCIDENT CAUSING SHOULDER INJURY: 2021 RESULT Our client was injured in a car accident in Jefferson Parish.  She suffered injuries to her shoulder and underwent surgery.  The insurance company tried to deny coverage under her own insurance policy, but instead were forced to accept an offer for their insurance policy limits.  Read On

  • $300,000 FOR SLIP AND FALL AT A BAR Our client tripped and fell at a bar in New Orleans and suffered injuries.  We retained experts to inspect and analyze the layout of the bar and the condition she fell on who concluded the bar owner contributed to her injuries by failing to make its property safe for its patrons. Read On

  • $141,000 ON DISPUTED ACCIDENT THAT CAUSED NECK AND BACK INJURIES: 2021 RESULT Our client was driving on the interstate when an 18-wheeler crossed into his lane.  After refusing to compensate our client for his property damage for many months and claiming he caused the accident, the insurance company settled his claim. Read On


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