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☆☆☆☆☆ Megan Kiefer Came Through

"I was in a car accident 2017 of November, and my case settle in July of 2018 what the other parties insurance. The still wasn't enough so my previous lawyer trying to get paid through my insurance which got rejected and they gave up on me. At the time I was on my Facebook and I said a posted ad about The Kiefers law firm and spoke to Ms. Megan Kiefer over the phone to represent on my case in no time she did what she had to do and got me $30,000 when one lawyer just completely drop my case, Megan Kiefer came through and defeated this case with no hesitation and she is very punctual, precise, and professional. She won't have your case on your desk waiting around, she got straight to business and won my case with $30,000, when one lawyer said no, she said yes! And there it was victory! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, you are an outstanding lawyer. Appreciate everything you have done for me."

– Anonymous


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